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Phone: 01474 352641

Usually all of the meats and game listed here are in stock.  If you require large quantities or need reassurance, please call us to confirm your order in advance.  Some advice on cooking may be seen on our exotic meat info. page, and some sample recipes are available on our recipes page.


Kangaroo meat is high in protein and low in fat (about 2%). Available in frozen packs (Price range approx. ... per kilo.)

Kangaroo meat
Kangaroo meat


Taste: somewhere between beef and duck, this deep-red meat is rich and gamey, but with a less fatty texture.

How to cook: slice the fillet and avoid overcooking, which will toughen the meat up.

Available in frozen packs (Price range approx. ... per kilo.)

Ostrich meat
Ostridge Burger


Camel meat has been eaten for centuries.  It has been recorded by ancient Greek writers as an available dish in ancient Persia at banquets, usually roasted whole.

Available in frozen packs (Price range approx. ... per kilo.)

Camel meat
Camel meat


Zebra is very lean, low fat and tastes excellent.  Unusually for a red meat, zebra has a very light flavour.

How should it be cooked? Cook it like you'd cook a nice piece of venison but don't go any further than medium rare.  If you want to be really bold, try it as a carpaccio.

Available in frozen packs (Price range approx. ... per kilo.)

Zebra meat
Zebra meat

Wild Boar

Wild Boar meat is of course leaner than pork roast.
Cooking:  Our wild boar is from young animals and is quite tender.

Wild Boar meat may be prepared like pork and has a sweet, nutty, and intense flavour. 

Available in frozen packs (Price range approx. ... per kilo.)

Wild boar meat
Wild Boar Sausages
(Inside our shop)


Taste: as it looks, robust textured with a depth of flavour akin to dark, well-hung beef (97% fat-free).
How to cook?  Dice, fry with onions, dust with flour, add beef stock and cook on a low heat to make a rich, meaty pie filling or stew.  Steaks are tasty.

Available in frozen packs (Price range approx. ... per kilo.)

Wildebeest meat
Wildebeest fillet steak


Bison/Buffalo is the most flavoured red meat available to today's consumer.  Naturally nutritious, tender and easy to prepare.  Bison is an excellent red meat source, low in fat, high in protein and rich in flavour.

Wildebeest meat
Bison meat low in fat


They are now actively farmed in South Africa and other regions for their meat.

It tastes similar to chicken.

Available in frozen packs (Price range approx. ... per kilo.)

Crocodile meat
Crocodile Carpaccio


Reindeer meat tastes reassuringly good.

Expecting it to taste like Venison you will be surprised to taste what appears to be really good beef.
Available in frozen packs (Price range approx. ... per kilo.)

Reindeer meat
Reindeer meat

Other Game we Sell

  • Pigeon
  • Duck
  • Rabbit
  • Venison
  • Pheasant

Stockists of Korkers Sausages

Top Quality Meat - Finest Quality - Lowest Prices.

Cuts available include Fillet Steak, Sirloin Steak, Ribeye Steak, Rump Steak, Top Rump Steak, Grill Steaks, Topside Joint & Diced Steak.

We will only have a selection of exotic meats in stock.

If you have specific requirements please phone or email us for prices, etc.

Don't forget to use us as your general butchers as we sell all regular lines of meat.

Serving you courteously at all times and respecting your custom.

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