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Phone: 01474 352641

couple eating exotic food     Crocodile meat as a delicious dish     Local Agent for Hoad's Corkers sausages

(i) Exotic food (ii) Crocodile is a white meat, with a texture similar to a pork chop (iii) Hoad's Corkers sausages

New Delivery Service to Pubs & Restaurants in Essex / Gravesend Areas

We are now able to offer a delivery service to local pubs and restaurants within a 10 mile radius from our butchers shop.  To find out more please contact us.

If you require a weekly delivery service and fall outside our area, please contact us as we may be able to accommodate you.

Minimum Order Requirement

Crocodile Meat Meal

  • FREE Delivery on all orders over £50.00
  • Small orders over £20.00 Free Delivery in Gravesend only
  • All other orders subject to a £5.00 delivery fee

Crocodile Meat Meal
Crocodile Carpaccio
Our Exotic Meats

We are inviting you to enjoy a new tasting experience of the exotic meats that are now becoming available in the market place.  You will find our recipes page very interesting, and we have tried to give you an idea of the sort of taste you are likely to find in some of the more unusual meats such as crocodile, camel, wild boar, ostrich etc.

We have a number of clients who now regularly use our exotic meat delivery service.

We find pubs and restaurants are generating business by having an 'Exotic Meat Experience' menu available to their clients on a particular evening each week.

Why not use this new business opportunity to promote your business and generate more trade during the anxious wait for Brexit?

Please call us to discuss your requirements and for more information on how to improve your client base.

Shop Hours: Phone: 01474 352641
Monday to Thursday -
7.00am to 5.00pm
Friday & Saturday - 6.30am to 5.00pm
New Sunday - 10.00am to 2.00pm

Serving you courteously at all times and respecting your custom.

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