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Phone: 01474 352641

Our Game & Exotic Meats

Besides the delight on the palate, exotic meat and game are low calorie and low cholesterol forms of protein. 

Since we have introduced our range of exotic meat and game, our customers have been quick to take up the challenge, and our sales of these products are continually rising.

J. M. Danslow Butchers

J. M. Danslow Butchers was established in Gravesend, Kent over 30 years ago and is today a high class quality butcher's shop where all the usual meats you associate with a UK butcher are stocked and sold, from sausages, bacon etc to lamb, pork and the finest cuts of beef steak at good market prices.

Crocodile Meat Meal
Crocodile Carpaccio

couple eating exotic food     Crocodile meat as a delicious dish     Local Agent for Hoad's Corkers sausages
(i) Exotic food (ii) Crocodile is a white meat, with
a texture similar to a pork chop (iii) Hoad's Corkers sausages.

Our Exotic Meats

We are inviting you to enjoy a new tasting experience of the exotic meats that are now becoming available in the market place.  You will find our recipes page very interesting, and we have tried to give you an idea of the sort of taste you are likely to find in some of the more unusual meats such as crocodile, camel, wild boar, ostrich etc.

Our extensive product line is available at competitive prices and can be purchased as separate items and in small quantities.  We are also the local accredited agents for Hoad's Corkers sausages which are very popular.

In the United States there is no distinction between Bison & Buffalo.  In fact both animals are from the same species, although Bison are originally animals found in Asia and Africa.  Buffalo meat has become very popular due to its beef-life taste and and tenderness.  As a low calorie, low cholesterol, high protein substitute, buffalo offers a healthy eating advantage over beef.

Our polite staff will be delighted to discuss with you the merits of any of our exotic meats.   Feedback from our customers is always welcome. 

To see our full range of exotic meats and game please check our exotic meats page.
Serving you courteously at all times and respecting your custom.

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